4ms Company has been designing and building innovative audio electronics for musicians since 1996.

Catalyst Sequencer and Catalyst Controller

Catalyst Sequencer and Catalyst Controller! Two new 8-channel modules for phase-based CV sequencing and advanced macro control.

MetaModule Sneak Preview!

Coming soon from 4ms: The MetaModule is an all-purpose module that lets you patch together various virtual modules using VCV Rack and play them on this standalone Eurorack module.

New line of modules and DIY Kits

Announcing a new line of modules and kits from 4ms Company! Each module is available fully-built or as a DIY Kits! Our first two releases are the Looping Delay and the Sampler, which are simplified versions of our DLD and STS. The kits are all through-hole, perfect for beginners. Whether you opt to solder it yourself or buy it fully built, the modules are clean, low-noise and high-fidelity.
Sampler -- DIY Sampler Kit -- Looping Delay -- DIY Looping Delay Kit