About 4ms

4ms Company has been designing and building innovative audio electronics for musicians since 1996.

4ms Company offers alternatives to traditional instruments with our poly-rhythmic clock modules that create evolving complex mathematical beat patterns, a resonator that can cast pop music into micro-tonal keys, a chaos generator that confounds attempts to make the same sound twice, a routing matrix that's played like an instrument, and many more innovative devices.

Rather than replicate concepts from the past, we strive to turn unique ideas into playable musical tools that expand the possibilities of music.

We also offer Do-it-yourself kits, and many of our designs are open-source. Hack away!



In 1996, Dan Green founded an innovative effect pedal company named 3ms Pedals near Chicago. In 1998 the company moved to St. Louis, MO, and began producing table-top noise devices as well as effect pedals for experimental musicians. In 2002, we changed our name to 4ms Company (d/b/a 4ms Pedals). In 2009, we moved to Austin, Texas, when we began designing synthesizer modules. In 2012 we moved to beautiful Portland, Oregon, where we currently have our studio in the west coast nexus of synthesizer makers.



Our products include:

Eurorack format synthesizer modules, DIY kits for Eurorack modules, Eurorack cases and power supplies, Table-top and guitar/floor effects, DIY kits for effects, Equipment for art installations and consulting. See 4ms.org