Catalyst Controller [CatCon]

Updated Firmware July 17, 2024: Catalyst Controller Firmware v1.3

Catalyst Controller User Manual v1.3

The Catalyst Controller is a macro controller with eight precision CV outputs and a responsive crossfader to morph between scenes. A scene is a snapshot of up to eight CV outputs, like a modular preset. Traverse a “pathway” composed of multiple scenes using the crossfader or an external CV signal, or immediately jump using the scene buttons. Record CV and slider movements, and play recordings back via a button or external trigger.

Each output has sub-millivolt precision and a maximum range of -5V to +10V. Channels have an adjustable morphing curve, can be quantized to common scales, restricted to a particular voltage range, or set to output gates.

Whether used as a CV preset manager, seamless transition generator, chord sequencer, CV recorder, or experimental CV playground, the Catalyst Controller puts control of your modular at your fingertips.

The Catalyst Controller can also turn into a Catalyst Sequencer! Hold down a special button combination to change between controller and sequencer modes. If you end up liking the Sequencer more, you can even remove the double-sided faceplate, flip it over, and re-install with the Sequencer artwork visible.

Based on the original Catalyst module from Emblematic Systems.

Catalyst Controller


  • Smooth, responsive crossfade morphs between scenes
  • Eight output channels, each can be CV or Gate
  • Arrange scenes into pathways of up to 64 scenes
  • Smooth, responsive crossfader morphs from scene to scene along the pathway
  • Set slew/lag to limit how fast scenes can change
  • Adjustable Morph time per output
  • Control crossfading with an external CV
  • Record and playback up to 20 seconds of CV and crossfader motion
  • CV outputs can be set to -5V to +10V maximum, or limited to +/-5V, +5V, +3V, or +1V
  • CV outputs can be unquantized (sub-1mV resolution), or Quantized to common scales
  • Randomization of channel values/gates
  • Copy/paste
  • Based on the original Catalyst from Emblematic Systems