Catalyst Sequencer [CatSeq]

Updated Firmware July 17, 2024: Catalyst Sequencer Firmware v1.3

Catalyst Sequencer User Manual v1.3

The Catalyst Sequencer combines a traditional clocked step-sequencer with an unconventional phase-based sequencer to produce a new paradigm in sequencing. Eight precision CV sequencer channels can be simultaneously driven by a clock, a phase CV, or scrubbed manually with the crossfader.

Each of the eight channels has its own sequence length, quantizer, transposition, clock divider, randomization, voltage range (max -5V to +10V), and selectable CV (precise 16-bit resolution) or Gate mode.

Phase-based sequencing is an advanced form of sequencing where each step is selected by CV. The Catalyst Sequencer has a smooth, responsive crossfader that scrubs the sequence, playing it forward or backwards to track your motions. Patching in a CV signal will do the same: a ramp-up CV plays the sequence forwards, a ramp-down plays it backwards, a triangle plays it ping-pong, and complex waveforms generate new interesting rhythmic and melodic patterns.

The Catalyst Sequencer can also turn into a Catalyst Controller! Hold down a special button combination to change between sequencer and macro controller modes. If you end up liking the Controller more, you can even remove the double-sided faceplate, flip it over, and re-install with the Controller artwork visible.

Based on the original Catalyst module from Emblematic Systems.

Catalyst Sequencer


  • Sequences range from 1 to 64 steps
  • Eight output channels, each can be CV or Gate
  • Step forward, backwards, ping-pong, or randomly
  • Smooth, responsive crossfader can Scrub the sequence
  • Phase CV input scrubs the sequence with an external CV:
    • Ramp-up plays the sequence forward
    • Triangle wave plays ping-pong
    • Complex waveforms create complex patterns
  • Each channel can have a different Start and Length, and can Reset to any step
  • CV outputs can be set to -5V to +10V maximum, or limited to +/-5V, +5V, +3V, or +1V
  • CV outputs can be unquantized (sub-1mV resolution), or Quantized to common scales
  • Gate outputs fire one or more triggers when activated
  • Transpose globally or per-channel
  • Randomization of channel values/gates, with per-channel Random amount
  • Glide (glissando) or gate Ratchet can be set per-step
  • Tap Tempo button
  • Copy/paste a “page” (eight steps) or an entire channel