Phaseur Moire CV [Effect Pedal]

Please inquire about pedal availability before ordering, lead times may vary artwork will differ from pedal shown

Basic features

  • Speed: sweep the rate from the rythym of sea shore waves to a swelling throb to a machine gun pulse
  • Depth: amount of phasing from the threshold of consciousness through a rolling phase to a holistic phasing experience
  • Height: "manual" control of center phasing frequency
  • Blend: blend between wavering vibrato to rich chorus-y sounds or anything in-between
  • Ring: regenerative feedback for resonant color variation almost to the point of self-oscillation
  • Wave: Changes LFO shape from Square to Triangle
  • Aux LFO A Speed: Controls speed of LFO A, adds to main LFO, with stomp to disable, and LED to indicate speed
  • AUX LFO A Depth: Amount LFO A is added to main LFO
  • Aux LFO B Speed: Controls speed of LFO B, modulates main LFO speed, with stomp to disable, and LED to indicate speed
  • AUX LFO B Depth: Amount of modulation to main LFO
  • CV Speed (Aux A): Change speed of LFO A with control voltages
  • CV Height (Freq): Change height parameter with control voltages




  • True-bypassed with LED indicator (3PDT stomp)
  • 9VDC powersupply included (USA orders)
  • Die-cast 7"x4"x2" aluminum box