Welcome to 4ms Pedals

Before there was 4ms Company, a producer of Eurorack modules, there was 4ms Pedals, an effect pedals company known for thier unique custom pedals that changed with each run. Starting in 1996 in a small workshop near Chicago, 4ms Pedals began experimenting with sound and technology to create a line of pedals like no other.
All of these products have since been discontinued but we will hold them in our hearts (and our ears) forever.
Two tone generators (VCO's), each with:
Pitch: center frequency from rumbling low to hissing high
Tone: select harsh square-wave or smooth triangle-wave
Three LFO's (low frequency oscillators), each with:
Speed: rate of change of each pitch channel
Depths (2 knobs per LFO): Amount of pitch modulation on each VCO
Mix: blend between tone channels
Volume: output level
Each pedal was built, designed, printed, and pasted by hand.