Welcome to 4ms Pedals

Before there was 4ms Company, a producer of Eurorack modules, there was 4ms Pedals, an effect pedals company known for thier unique custom pedals that changed with each run. Starting in 1996 in a small workshop near Chicago, 4ms Pedals began experimenting with sound and technology to create a line of pedals like no other.
All of these products have since been discontinued but we will hold them in our hearts (and our ears) forever.
Octave: select 1/2/3 octaves down
Unity: switch in your pre-octave-shifted signal for more definition
Pulse speed: select 4/5/6 octaves down, for frequency-dependant pulsing tremolo effect
Pulse: dial in the amount of pulse/tremolo effect

Volume: output level
Loco: stomp into noise insanity, shifting noise oscillations to the audible range
Bypass: true-bypass for ultra-clean sound when it's off
Each pedal was built, designed, printed, and pasted by hand.