Who We Are: 4ms Company consists of a core group of like minded individuals committed to bringing you the best product.
And a special thanks to all of our contracted and part-time employees not pictured below, thank you!
Dan Green
Owner, Engineer, Designer

Dan is a lover of good puns, bicycling to work, light roasts and dark stouts, the music of city sounds, and above all, his wife Kendra, baby Eli, and their Norweigen Elkhound. He's currently trying to learn fine woodworking from youtube videos, Japanese from children's cartoons, and quantum field theory from books written with the dry humor of physicists.

Dan started creating electronic devices that made never-heard-before sounds in 1996 and founded 4ms Company in 2002. He's taught Modular Synthesis at Portland Community College, and electronics theory and DIY kit-building workshops around the world.
Alissa DeRubeis
Communications, Community Outreach

Originally from Philadelphia, Alissa is a co-founder of the S1 Synth Library, a non-profit Synth Library dedicated to providing education and access to the Portland community.
Alissa really loves resonance, carefully crafted soundscapes, and sharing her knowledge, especially with female and non-binary identified individuals.
Jeannot Quenson
Visual Design, Marketing

While studying under new media professors at the University of Texas, Jeannot Quenson gained experience in sound synthesis through installation and video art. Utilizing sensors and physical objects with MaxMSP/Jitter, he was exposed to the joys of combing art and technology. Tinkering away circuit bending, and jamming on drum machines, he developed a love for everything hardware.
Joseph Pailo
Lead Quality Technician

Joseph "Pailo" Cerimeli has been teaching Ableton for the last nine years both privately and publicly across the US. He currently works for the 4ms Company, which specializes in hand-build Eurorack format synthesizers, and works for ControlVoltage.net a specialized synthesizer shop.
Joseph previously helped Dub Academy with the Ableton curriculum, he opened Switched On Music Electronics, and hosted numerous clinics in Austin Texas. His skills have been requested by a variety of companies to beta test, and help develop products for artists privately and publicly. He has also repaired a number of modern and vintage synthesizers for top touring/recording artists.
Zach D'Agostino
Circuit Layout, Quality Technician

Zach grew up on the east coast and earned a degree in sound design from Emerson College in Boston. After moving to Portland in 2013, he took electronics classes at Portland Community College. He specializes in circuit layout, design, and interfacing drums/percussion with electronics. As half of the project Sea Moss, Zach and his cohort/bandmate build/design analog electronics for use in their performances and interactive audio-visual installations. When not performing in musty basements or glitching-out old TVs, they teach workshops aimed at demystifying analog electronics and bringing basic circuit knowledge to people of all experience levels. Zach also performs solo under the moniker Don Gero, using live drums to control modular synthesizers. Future endeavors include teaching workshops in new places, scoring music to video games and learning Spanish.
Sammy Loper
Lead Builder, Web Design

Sammy Loper aka "Robot Hands" has been a fixture of the 4ms crew since May of 2015, spending most of their time in the office building modules and designing the 4ms website. A graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art, Sammys art practice focuses on the beautiful, the colorful, and the functional using a variety of mediums from videography to carpentry. Sammy can be found most days makin' rainbows on their modular synthesizers.

You can view their work here: samberryloper.com
Thomas Fang
Inventory Manager, Builder

Thomas began experimenting with sound and video art in 2001 and co-founded the Artificial Music Machine record label. Since then, he has performed experimental electronic music under his own name and as Static Storm System, and has collaborated with other musicians as part of Inversion Effect and the Bradley Telcom Ensemble. Mr. Fang was also conductor of the Furby Youth Choir, a small army of modified toys which terrorized audiences at festivals around the country. He joined the 4ms team in 2010, and has concurrently worked for other synth manufacturers including LZX, Darkplace, Synthrotek, and Bleep Labs. He has also been a curator for Church of the Friendly Ghost and volunteer coordinator for Austin Museum of Digital Art, and has taught synthesis and circuit bending workshops for the Modern Aural Sculpture Symposium South, the New Media Art and Sound Summit, the Future Music Summit, and the Portland Synth Library.
Office Doggo

Freyja is the best. She likes long walks, sleeping in the middle of the floor, leaning against walls, and general prancing about. She has been with 4ms for many years and always brings joy in to the office.