Spectral Multiband Resonator(SMR)

December 2016: New firmware available!

Version 5 ⇾ Manual 1.1.1 ⇾

The Spectral Multiband Resonator from 4ms Company is an innovative resonant filter which can process audio like a classic filter bank, ring like a marimba when plucked/struck, vocode, re-mix tracks, harmonize, output spectral data, quantize audio to scales, and much more...

A gorgeous ring of colored lights displays the frequency of each filter, as well as the levels and current scale selection(s).


Electrical and Mechanical Specifications:
  • Module Size:
    • 26HP Eurorack module
    • 0.95" module depth (24mm)
  • Power consumption:
    • +12V rail: 86mA maximum (110mA max when jumper set to +12V)
    • -12V rail: 28mA maximum
    • +5V rail: 25mA maximum (0mA [not used] when jumper set to +12V)
  • Controls, Inputs and Outputs:
    • Six sliders control level of filter
      • White LED on each slider indicates gain (selectable to indicate clipping)
    • Six CV inputs for level of each filter (slider attenuates CV on jack)
    • Twenty full-color LEDs indicate which filters are assigned to which channels
      • Color on LED ring match colors of Env Out LEDs
      • Brightness of each LED shows level of each filter
    • Q (Resonance) knob
    • Q (Resonance) CV jack
    • Stereo input and output (divided into even/odd bands)
      • Odd input jack and Even output jack serve as Mono in/out
    • Rotate Clockwise and Rotate Counter-clockwise trigger jacks
    • Rotate CV input jack maps any waveshape to a rotation pattern
    • Scale CV input jack selects scale from current bank
    • Spread knob sets the interval (spacing) between channels
    • Spread CV input jack
    • Morph knob sets speed of cross fading rotating or spreading
    • Morph CV input jack
    • Six CV outputs follow envelope of frequency content per band
      • Fast | Slow switch selects envelope tracking speed, or Trigger output mode
      • Pre/Post switch selects whether Env Out jacks track the filter before or after the slider attenuates
    • Six Lock buttons lock the frequency of each channel
      • Button is lit when locked
      • Turning Q knob while holding a lock button also locks the Q value (button flashes to indicate Q-lock)
      • Lock jack toggles lock status of even or odd channels
    • 1V/oct Frequency input jack for even and odd channels
    • Odds Switch selects if 1V/oct Freq jack, Freq Nudge knob, and Lock jack control all odd channels (1/3/5) or just channel 1
    • Evens Switch selects if 1V/oct Freq jack, Freq Nudge knob, and Lock jack control all even channels (2/4/6) or just channel 6
    • Slew switch enables slew-limiting of incoming CV on the level CV jacks (click and pop prevention).
      • Amount of slew limiting is proportional to Morph setting at the time the switch is flipped on.
    • Scale Rotation switch enables filters to rotate into the next scale each time they rotate fully around
Included with the SMR:
  • 16-to-16 pin power cable
  • 4 M3 Knurlie screws