Bend Matrix

Please inquire about pedal availability before ordering, lead times may vary Artwork will differ from pedal shown

Basic features

  • Connect/disconnect glitch points within an external circuit-bent device (two separate 4x4 matrices or one single 4x8 matrix)
  • Connect/disconnect/route audio inputs into multiple outputs (4 inputs=>8 outputs or 8=>4)
  • Act as a patch matrix for modular synthesizers, or other CV/signal routing
  • Store up to 128 "patches" in memory (memory is held even when power is disconnected)
  • Sequence the 128 stored patches at specified BPM (2 - 2000 BPM)
  • Generate random patches
  • Apply effects to the current patch (or sequence of patches) using analog controls: randomization, arpeggiation, strobing, gloobing.
  • Inputs MIDI note/CC commands, so you can program your patches and sequences using standard MIDI gear
  • Outputs MIDI note/CC commands, so you can use the Bend Matrix to sync up to other MIDI gear (video effects, etc...)



  • 9VDC powersupply included (120/240V)
  • 2mm Aluminum panel 12" x 10" on aluminum box (2" tall)