Who We Are: 4ms Company consists of a core group of like minded individuals committed to bringing you the best product.
And a special thanks to all of our contracted and part-time employees not pictured below, thank you!
Dan Green
Owner, Engineer, Designer

Dan is a lover of good puns, bicycling to work, light roasts and dark stouts, the music of city sounds, and above all, his wife Kendra, son Eli, and their Norwegian Elkhound. He's currently trying to learn fine woodworking from youtube videos, Japanese from children's cartoons, and quantum field theory from books written with the dry humor of physicists.

Dan started creating electronic devices that made never-heard-before sounds in 1996 and founded 4ms Company in 2002. He's taught Modular Synthesis at Portland Community College, and electronics theory and DIY kit-building workshops around the world.
Jeannot Quenson
Visual Design, Marketing

While studying under new media professors at the University of Texas, Jeannot Quenson gained experience in sound synthesis through installation and video art. Utilizing sensors and physical objects with MaxMSP/Jitter, he was exposed to the joys of combing art and technology. Tinkering away circuit bending, and jamming on drum machines, he developed a love for everything hardware.
Zach D'Agostino
Circuit Layout, Design, Repairs

Hailing from the east coast, Zach moved to Portland in 2013. As a drummer, he was introduced to the world of circuits after seeing Brian Chippendale use the Coron DS8 drumsynth. He began designing circuits to use with his drums in 2014 and utilizes these creations in his projects Sea Moss (along with fellow 4ms tinkerer Noa) and Don Gero. Zach is currently learning Spanish and programming. Future goals include reading more history books and scoring music to a video game. Zach has a BA in Sound Design from Emerson College in Boston.
Sammy Loper
Lead Builder, Quality Technician, Web Design

Sammy "Robot Hands" Loper is a trans artist and graduate from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland where they specialized in Videography and Film Arts. While they spend most of their days at 4ms building and testing modules, Sammy also incorporates their design experience in to the office helping to spin out fun designs, short videos, and the 4ms Website. Working with every medium from metal to clay, Sammy always strives to find a happy balance between the beautiful and the functional with everything from interactive synthesizers to a cozy quilt.

You can find them on instagram @samberryloper
Thomas Fang
Sales, Inventory Manager

Thomas began experimenting with sound and video art in 2001 and co-founded the Artificial Music Machine record label. Since then, he has performed experimental electronic music under his own name and as Static Storm System, and has collaborated with other musicians as part of Inversion Effect and the Bradley Telcom Ensemble. Mr. Fang was also conductor of the Furby Youth Choir, a small army of modified toys which terrorized audiences at festivals around the country. He joined the 4ms team in 2010, and has concurrently worked for other synth manufacturers including LZX, Darkplace, Synthrotek, and Bleep Labs. He has also been a curator for Church of the Friendly Ghost and volunteer coordinator for Austin Museum of Digital Art, and has taught synthesis and circuit bending workshops for the Modern Aural Sculpture Symposium South, the New Media Art and Sound Summit, the Future Music Summit, and the Portland Synth Library.
Noa Ver
Quality Technician, Repairs, Builder

Noa Ver is a tinkerer and sound maker who moved to Portland in 2016. She entered the world of electronics while earning a degree from UC Davis in Technocultural Studies. With the help of a good book and a close friend, she developed a passion for designing and building feedback oscillators. These noise machines are housed in old cookie tins and are lovingly referred to as 'the critters'. Noa also enjoys cooking, calculus, novels and walks. In her free time, she and the critters play with fellow 4ms staffer Zach as the band Sea Moss.
Julian Morris

Julian Morris is a trans songwriter and musician who performs under the moniker Layperson. He is currently a graduate student at Portland State University pursuing a degree in Counseling. He is developing a somatic and mindfulness based approach to therapy for queer and transgender adults. He was new to the world of modular synths before working at 4ms, and is slowly building himself a set up and incorporating synths into his songwriting. He loves his cat, Frankie.
Office Doggo

Freyja is the best. She likes long walks, sleeping in the middle of the floor, leaning against walls, and general prancing about. She has been with 4ms for many years and always brings joy in to the office.