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Firmware updates

Where to get updates

You can always download the latest updates at the 4ms Company SWN page.

How to tell what version you have

When the module powers on, the version is displayed with a red and blue light on the light ring. The red light on the inner rings shows the major version. The blue light on the outer ring shows the minor version. For example if the version is 1.2 then the major version is 1, and the minor version is 2.

On the outer light ring, if you imagine it as a clock face, the light just to the right of 12:00 is 0. The next light going around clockwise is 1. Then next light clockwise is 2, etc. The inner ring counts the same but it starts at 1 (and goes to 6). If you would like a picture to help visualize this, see the SWN User Manual, page 29.

Changes in v2.1:

New features in v2.0:

New in Firmware v1.2 (not released publicly):

Bug fixes:


Firmware v1.1

Released May 20, 2019

Bug fixes:


Firmware v1.0

Released May 3, 2019

First public version.